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We provide exceptional on-site Chiropractic employee wellness programs

We together can support your employees by improving their happiness, focus, health, and vitality while at work.

  • Our Chiropractic services can increase key employee retention, productivity, and performance while decreasing absenteeism and lowering healthcare costs.
  • Employees are treated on-site by highly-experienced Chiropractors, who are working efficiently and effectively in conjunction with the employees’ schedules.
  • “A company-sponsored chiropractic program for employees reduces turnover from 15% to 9%.” (Harvard Business Review; Dec., 2010)

Dr. Anita B. Hansen On-Site And TELE-HEALTH
Chiropractic Care

We provide exceptional on-site and tele-health employee wellness programs

  • “A company-sponsored chiropractic program for employees reduces turnover from 15% to 9%.” (Harvard Business Review; Dec., 2010)
  • On-site Chiropractic services increase productivity, performance and retention, decreases absenteeism, and reduces healthcare costs.
  • Remote Workers? Tele-health, allows the doctor to make a complete diagnostic evaluation on Zoom or FaceTime, then teach the employees how to manage and relieve their pain with techniques they can apply at home.
  • Google, Apple, Amazon, and Intel already provide these employee wellness plans and are reaping their benefits. Shouldn’t you as well? Whatever the size of your staff, wellness improves performance!!!!!
  • We’re established, first-rate practitioners who excel in our profession.

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  •   I had torn my left bicep lifting furniture and ended up having shoulder problems shortly after. My shoulder ended up being out of place and I developed severe neck and even back pain. I had trouble sleeping, sitting and doing any physical activities. After 3 weeks of therapy with Dr. Hansen, getting deep tissue massages along with the electrical muscle stimulators and some good cracks, I was good as new. Highly recommended for any athletes with any injuries or anyone looking to get their body aligned. Excellent and friendly chiropractic care! Thank you!

    thumb Joshua S.
  •   Dr.Anita Hansen has been of incredible help to ease my lower back pain and headaches. I got in a car accident a couple years ago and just dealt with the reoccurring pain. I didn't know what would help until I started getting treated by Dr.Anita. Before our first session, I had sharp, almost debilitating pain in my lower back. After 2 sessions, it will non existent! I have been treated by her for a few months now and my body feels so much more mobile. I can hike and swim and sleep with hardly any pain. She is very knowledgeable in her practice, she really takes the time to make sure she is treating you to her best ability. Thank you Anita for all your hard work!

    thumb Annali S.
  •   I have not had the pleasure of formally meeting Dr. Hansen, but these factors impressed me with her Chiropractic prowess! They are as follows:
    1) Been in practice for over 25 years.
    2) She cares about her patient's well being.
    3) Educational background and professional training.
    4) Comprehensive evaluation of the total body, to isolate the malady (injury)
    5) Personalized care and never feel rushed.
    6) Patient centric (focused on the patient.
    7) Word of mouth, very satisfied results.
    8) Works with patients in the corporate world.

    Dr. Bud Brandt
    Newport Beach, Ca

    thumb Bud B.
  •   Dr. Hanson has a great reputation as the best Chiroprator is Malibu.  She was so kind as to spend the time to let me know her treatment philosophy and the modalities she offers.  If anyone is ever injured in an accident, there is nowhere else you should consider for treatment in Malibu.

    thumb Malibu A.
  •   Doctor Anita  .b is really amazing. I suffered from a tendonitis that she treated in no time. She is very strong, with great power. I highly recommend it

    thumb Sandra F.
  •   I started seeing Dr. Anita Hansen for preventative care because I work at a computer all day. She fixed my neck pain/range of motion and helped curb carpel tunnel in my right wrist. She is very friendly, calm, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Anita!

    thumb Erica S.

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Major Insurance Providers Accepted

We accept in-network Blue Shield and Medicare, and out-of-network with all other insurance providers. We are more than happy to verify your benefits to see if there is coverage available. Our Chiropractors work competently in treating employees with acute and chronic pain, injuries, and accidents, and work effectively together with their insurance companies.

If you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact Chiropractic Referral Corporation.

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Receive four hours of eight complimentary Chiropractic treatments to recognize the benefits of having Chiropractic services on-site in your business.

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