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Dr. Anita B. Hansen

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One of the first signs that your employees may be under stress is recurring physical pain. For employers, this stress and tension can result in increased absenteeism, lower productivity, lost business opportunities, and decreased revenues and profits. As you are aware, the retention of key personnel is critical to most organizations, especially in today’s economy. To this point, the economic impact of stress, particularly on an organization’s key people, cannot be overstated. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the cost of stress exceeds $300 billion-a-year in the US, and The American Institute of Stress states that 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress. The good news is, there is a movement afoot, of which Hansen Health Care is a part that are helping major organizations reduce the economic impact of stress while generating a surprising level of added goodwill, that is also becoming a powerful recruitment tool for companies. Hansen Health Care provides a successful and comprehensive Health and Wellness Program for employees/patients in their workplace. Corporations throughout Los Angeles benefit from Hansen Health Care, as an added benefit for their employees, which increases the employees’ performance and productivity, also decreases their absenteeism, as well as lowering the company’s health care expenditures. Incorporate our Health and Wellness Program today! For more information, feel free to contact us.

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I was 17 years old and in a major car accident. I had bad back and pelvic pain, and was scared I would not be able to do all the things I wanted to do. I was sent to a chiropractor, who, with treatments and rehabilitative exercises, enabled me to return to the 17 year old active individual that I wanted to be. Today I am very active. I run
half-marathons, mountain bike, was on the UCLA Bicycling Team, ski, and other fun activities. Seeing firsthand what Chiropractic treatments can do for an individual made me realize that I wanted to do that for others. I have been successfully actively practicing Chiropractic for over 25 years. Let me show you how Chiropractic care can improve your life. Contact us.

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