Reviews of Dr. Anita B. Hansen

Dr.Anita Hansen has been of incredible help to ease my lower back pain and headaches. I got in a car accident a couple years ago and just dealt with the reoccurring pain. I didn't know what would help until I started getting treated by Dr.Anita. Before our first session, I had sharp, almost debilitating pain in my lower back. After 2 sessions, it will non existent! I have been treated by her for a few months now and my body feels so much more mobile. I can hike and swim and sleep with hardly any pain. She is very knowledgeable in her practice, she really takes the time to make sure she is treating you to her best ability. Thank you Anita for all your hard work!
Annali S.
Los Angeles, CA
I had torn my left bicep lifting furniture and ended up having shoulder problems shortly after. My shoulder ended up being out of place and I developed severe neck and even back pain. I had trouble sleeping, sitting and doing any physical activities. After 3 weeks of therapy with Dr. Hansen, getting deep tissue massages along with the electrical muscle stimulators and some good cracks, I was good as new. Highly recommended for any athletes with any injuries or anyone looking to get their body aligned. Excellent and friendly chiropractic care! Thank you!
Joshua S.
West Hollywood, CA
I started seeing Dr. Anita Hansen for preventative care because I work at a computer all day. She fixed my neck pain/range of motion and helped curb carpel tunnel in my right wrist. She is very friendly, calm, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr. Anita!
Erica S.
Los Angeles, CA
Doctor Anita B. is really amazing. I suffered from a tendonitis that she treated in no time. She is very strong, with great power. I highly recommend it
Sandra F.
Malibu, CA
Dr. Anita Hansen provided me with excellent chiropractic care. Her extensive knowledge of what causes pain (particularly back and neck) and how to treat it, is both reassuring and effective. Dr Hansen gets quickly to the root of the problem and addresses it with care and just the right treatment that leaves you feeling relief from pain. She will recommend the necessary follow up for you, and only if you need it. I trust Dr. Hansen and would highly recommend her, especially to those who sit at computers or in cars more than they should, as well as athletes.
Michelle P.
Malibu, CA

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